At hostile to war fights in Russia, fears for the drafted as 'gun grub' and a severe reaction by police

The 45-year-old movie chief walked through the roads of Moscow with other enemy of war dissidents Wednesday night

only hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared plans to activate one more 300,000 reservists to support his soldiers battling in Ukraine.

Before the night was finished, Zghun would wind up toward the rear of a police truck, dying, after a cop crushed her head with a club.

 At the point when Putin required the preparation, I realized I was unable to remain uninterested," Zhgun said.

It was a defining moment. Someone needed to dissent. Any other way, the world would think we are supporting this."

Across Russia, demonstrators spilled into the roads this week in the country's most memorable cross country against war fights since Russian soldiers attacked Ukraine back in February.

The fights began in the Siberian and Transbaikal areas soon after Putin's declaration and spread to the Ural Mountains and European pieces of Russia over the course of the evening.

Large number of activists walked in Russia's significant urban areas, reciting: "No to war!" "No to assembly!" "Russia without Putin!

Russia's air terminals, train stations and thruways were stuck as draft-age men escaped the country to try not to be called into administration