Depeche Mode Returns With ‘Memento More’ Album

The legendary band, now a duo, says some of their new songs "can't help but reflect" the absence of longtime member Andy Fletcher.

Depeche Mode will return next year with a new album, Memento Mori

a tour that’ll launch with 10 North America arena dates

followed by more than two dozen summer stadium shows in Europe

band members Dave Gahan and Martin Gore said that they started working on songs during the pandemic

they decided to continue as an act after keyboard player and co-founder Andy Fletcher died in May.

Gahan and Gore wrote the songs together remotely

I played guitar and sort of sang on my iPhone,” Gahan said, and Gahan “sent it back with his angelic voice.”

The album isn’t completely done – recording is finished but the songs aren’t yet mixed – and Gahan and Gore said their next stop is New York