Facebook was referred to as "the swamp of misery" by Jack Dorsey in text messages to Elon Musk.

During the pretrial research stage of Twitter's case against Musk, the text was made public.

In texts with Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, made fun of Facebook.

On April 6, Dorsey texted, "Looks like there's a'verified' account in the swamp of misery over there.

The text, which reveals how the executive discussed the competing social network in private

 was made public on Thursday as part of the pretrial discovery process for Twitter's case against Musk.

It was one of countless texts sent and received by Musk from some of the most influential businessmen in Silicon Valley, including Larry Ellison and Reid Hoffman.

After trying to back out of the deal in July

 the social media company is suing Musk to make him buy the business for $44 billion.

The former CEO of Twitter sent a link and a screenshot of what looked to be Musk's offer to purchase Twitter from a verified Facebook account.

The account does not actually appear to belong to the billionaire.