Harry Styles Celebrates Historic 15-Show Run at Madison Square Garden With Banner Raising

Harry Styles finished off his noteworthy 15-night run at New York's Madison Square Nursery with a victorious shutting night victory

 the Garden raised a standard to the rafters honoring his unparalleled run of 15 sold-out shows

It was a night to celebrate — the Garden ensured each seat had its own quill boa, formally denoting the field as Harry's Home.

Gayle King gave Styles his flag in an unexpected service during the reprise

he told the group, "Any opportunity that you come to Madison Square Nursery and that's what you see, recollect this is a result of you.

He added, "I will return when everybody is gone, and simply sit and take a gander at that for some time

Styles is now the third music artist to have a banner hanging in the Garden rafters

It’s been a historic run all the way around — for one thing, “And It Was” is STILL the No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100.

The melody is at present in its 14th week at No. 1, tying for the fourth-longest run of all time

So it seems like a crowning ritual second for the entire Harry's Home peculiarity.