Jaguar and Land Rover Charging Comes to U.K.

their website today that drivers of Jaguar or Land Rover plug-in electric hybrid and fully electric vehicles will now benefit

the launch of Jaguar Charging and Land Rover Charging. According to the announcement

the program brings easy access to a network of over 300,000 charging points stretching across 27 countries

700 separate charging point providers including Osprey, Ionity and as part of a growing network.

Existing or new owners will receive a welcome pack to the service

including a Jaguar or Land Rover charging key which simply needs to be tapped at any one of the network’s points to initiate a charge

Access can also be granted through the Jaguar Charging or Land Rover Charging app.

a curated selection of charging points across the U.K. and Europe; and the way users pay for the service is equally simple.