Khloé Kardashian Reveals Tristan Thompson Secretly Proposed Between Scandals, And Explains Why She Said No

she uncovered that Thompson had proposed to her, and spread out the unfortunate explanation she turned him Down

on the episode that she'd known the NBA player intended to propose to her sister "last Valentine's Day," which she said was "a year since they had show

She also further opened up in “Prada You!” about her struggles to get over Tristan Thompson

at the point when she circled back to Tristan Thompson after the 2021 occasion

he told the SKIMS proprietor that he'd proposed in December and been turned down.

Awkward! Khloé Kardashian explained what she told her then-boyfriend at the time

It ended up being something to be thankful for that she was sufficiently able to be straightforward with him about it

The fact that the NBA player wanted to marry Khloé Kardashian was discussed in Season 1

the fact that he actually did pop the question was a secret she kept from the media, and her family as well, apparently.