LEGO Ideas reveals 21337 Table Football, a 2,300-piece playable game table

Today LEGO Ideas has revealed the next fan-inspired set will be 21337 Table Football.

LEGO builder Donát Fehérvári submitted the project to Ideas as part of the special We Love Sports contest on the platform

The finished 2,339-piece LEGO Ideas set created by LEGO Designer Antica Bracanov positions minifigures as the players inside a functional

table with ball returns and score counters. Full-size table football games

typically include eight rows of players, with 11 players for each team.

The LEGO version downsizes that to just 5 players on each team on the field, but the full complement of 22 minifigures are included in the set

Rather than including predetermined minifigures for the teams

the set includes more than 40 minifigure heads and hairpieces across a range of skin tones