Mark Zuckerberg is about to reveal Meta’s next VR headset

He bet his company on building the metaverse a year ago by rebranding Facebook to Meta. Now, it’s time for a progress update.

During Meta’s annual Connect conference later today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg will reveal “Project Cambria,

the high-end VR headset he has been teasing in interviews and social media posts all year.

The device is expected to focus on more than just VR by adding mixed reality

Face and eye tracking will also enable more realistic avatars and higher-fidelity graphics

Expect a price point that is significantly higher than the Quest 2’s $399 price tag.

Zuckerberg has been hyping the promise of virtual reality for a long time

Investors are doubting his expensive pivot to the metaverse.

Quest sales are growing quickly, with estimates saying they have surpassed 15 million.