Meghan Markle Discusses How Prince Harry Helped at Her 'Worst Point' in New Podcast Episode

Meghan Markle is tackling tough but important topics in the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast.

The Duchess of Sussex's latest episode dropped on Tuesday,

welcoming guests actress Constance Wu, comedian and writer Jenny Slate and activist and Bollywood star Deepika Padukone titled "The Decoding of Crazy."

During her talk with Deepika, Meghan described how husband Prince Harry found her a referral to a mental health professional when she was at her "worst point

In the episode's intro, Meghan said, "I feel pretty strongly about this word… this label: "crazy

Deepika talked about her mental health struggles, which began in 2014 "out of the blue."

Deepika went on to share her story with the world by going live on TV in India, and she was met with praise for her honesty and bravery.

You're right. You know, my husband works a lot in, with the military community as a veteran and invisible injuries   Meghan replied