NASA releases images of DART collision with asteroid

NASA released pictures on Thursday of the collision between its Double Asteroid

The organization's Webb telescope had the option to take one perception of effect before the impact occurred and afterward a few perceptions a short time later.

I have only gigantic esteem for the Webb Mission Tasks people that made this a reality," said head specialist Cristina

"We have been arranging these perceptions for quite a long time, then, at that point

exhaustively for quite a long time, and I'm immensely blissful this has worked out as expected. Said; cristina

The Hubble telescope also released images of the system ahead of impact

Images from Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 show the impact in visible light.

According to the space agency astronomers estimate that the brightness of the system increased by three times after impact

NASA scientists told reporters they were about 17 meters off-center from their exact target because the asteroid was not completely lit from all sides

Whether DART's goal of moving Dimorphos off course was achieved will not be known for a couple of months.