NASA spacecraft crashes into asteroid in defense test

A NASA space apparatus slammed a asteroid at rankling speed Monday in a remarkable dress practice for the day a stellar stone threats Earth.

The cosmic hammer happened at an innocuous space rock 7 million miles (11.3 million kilometers) away

with the space apparatus named Dart blasting through the space rock at 14,000 mph (22,500 kph). Researchers anticipated that the effect should cut out a hole

heave surges of rocks and soil into space and, in particular, modify the space rock's circle.

We have influence!" Mission Control's Elena Adams reported, bouncing all over and pushing her arms heavenward.

Telescopes all over the planet and in space focused on a similar guide overhead toward catch the display.

However the effect was promptly self-evident — Dart's radio transmission suddenly stopped

it will require up to several months to decide how much the space rock's way was changed.