Pinnacle hackers leak patient info, data on the web

Pinnacle Midlands Health Network has confirmed a data leak following its report of an IT breach on 28 September.

In an update on 9 October, the network said malicious actors have uploaded to the internet information and data "related to past and present patients and customers

the Pinnacle group in Waikato, Lakes, Taranaki and Tairawhiti districts, including GP practices under Primary Health Care.

Pinnacle CEO Justin Butcher said that "much of the information and data that was stolen last week has been made public."

Two weeks ago, Pinnacle immediately took its IT system offline upon identifying a breach.

In a statement, Te Whatu Ora, which is assisting in the investigations

the cyberattack is "no indication of a threat to Te Whatu Ora networks" as its system is separate from Pinnacle. 

the network, which serves about 450,000 patients in 87 practices, has tapped IDCare for people specialist support to individuals