Quantum Leap Boss Separated

 Al Association and Keeping up with His Heritage in a 'Genuine and Significant Manner

The subtleties of why he hopped stay hazy, however we currently realize that Al's little girl Janice Calavicci is some way or another involved.'

Janice needed to emulate her dad's example and participate in the new Quantum Jump project

the Division of Guard denied her over worries about her profound connections to Al

played in the first series by Dignitary Stockwell who passed on last year, and Sam (Scott Bakula), who never returned home

The evening of Ben's leap, Janice sent Ben earnest messages to do so presently since they were "using up all available time."

Gero shares. “But when he passed, it was important for us to maintain the legacy of that character in the show in a real and profound way.”