Rosaline: Watch Kaitlyn Dever Attempt to Take Romeo Back from Juliet in Trailer for Hulu Romantic comedy

In the humorous new trailer for Hulu's Rosaline, a romantic comedy wind on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

 Booksmart's Kaitlyn Dever goes on a pointless pursuit to endeavor to take ex Romeo (Kyle Allen) back from the new love in his life

The cast additionally incorporates Sean Teale, Spencer Stevenson, Christopher McDonald, Minnie Driver and Bradley Whitford

This time, you simply needed to take my sweetheart," Juliet furiously tells Rosaline in the 90-second review, set to "I Love It" by Icona Pop

I was attempting to take him back! There's a distinction," an insulted Rosaline answers

 Rosaline is Romeo's entire world until he meets Juliet and, indeed, we as a whole realize what happens once those two run into each other

Through her endeavors, Rosaline finds new insights about herself, companionship and what it truly means to be enamored

.She proceeded to commend the "staggeringly skilled" outfit cast, saying they are "all exceptionally entertaining and play off of one another so well to re-recount to this immortal story in a previously unheard-of manner

.unafraid to laugh in the face of any potential risk to get what she needs — or, in any event, what she assumes she needs.