Sope Dirisu responds to uncover of Keanu Reeves 'Constantine' continuation

Sope Dirisu responded Saturday to news that Keanu Reeves would star in the continuation of the 2005 science fiction blockbuster, Constantine.

Reeves is getting back to the nominal job, an extraordinary exorcist, 17 years after the film netted more than $200 million at the overall film industry in 2005

The studio has not officially announced the project

Dirisu was reputed to have been given a role as the DC Comic books legend John Constantine in a series that J.J. Abrams had been producing for HBO Max that isn't going ahead.

Akiva Goldsman is writing the screenplay and will produce the sequel, while Francis Lawrence, who helmed the original Constantine, will be back to direct.

The establishment follows John Constantine, a super-controlled exorcist who can see the devils and heavenly messengers impacting people

The animated movie, Constantine: City of Demons, was released in 2018 and a short-lived live-action NBC series starring Matt Ryan aired 2014-15