Star Wars Fans Are Saying Exactly the same Thing Regarding Andor's Three-Episode Debut

Following quite a while of expectation, Lucasfilm and Disney+ have at last debuted "Andor.

A prequel series to "Rebel One: A Star Wars Story," the show follows Cassian Andor's (Diego Luna) early days as a covert operative

Set nearly five years prior "Rebel One," the series plunges further into the world's grime and filth, giving an alternate gander at the "Star Wars" universe that isn't so Skywalker-subordinate.

Vanessa Armstrong of Slashfilm especially lauded the series for manufacturing its own course

saying that "'Andor' is particularly not quite the same as what we've proactively found in 'Star Wars' — it's grittier and requires its investment, and it is great.

Different surveys for "Andor" have been comparably certain.

The series right now holds a new 88% on Bad Tomatoes, however all things considered, number will change as additional surveys from pundits stream in.

While critics are enjoying the latest "Star Wars" tale

the crowd buzz from "Andor" has to a great extent been uniform, with all fans saying exactly the same thing