Travis Barker Only Wears Vegan Leather, Including These Exact Boots on Amazon

The Flicker 182 drummer and spouse to Kourtney Kardashian is no more bizarre to the spotlight,

also the better things throughout everyday life. Yet, with regards to his closet

it just so happens, the pieces Barker wears on rehash are genuinely reasonable

We found the artist in Malibu as he sent off his new Barker Health Co. brand on Spin, Amazon, and more retailers

As well as visiting about the CBD-implanted, veggie lover, and savagery free product offering

Travis is consistent with what his identity is. His storeroom is loaded up with brands like Dickie's, Hanes Shirts, Vans

He has a total assortment of worn-in Hanes tees since he needs to keep the real energy of what his identity is, regardless

To emulate Travis Barker's style, shop his go-to brands — all suitable on Amazon