US gas prices will likely rise after the OPEC+ snub to Biden — but not for drivers in these 3 states

US gas prices could keep rising after OPEC+ slashed output, but prices could fall in some states. 

That's because refinery issues in key states get resolved, and winter season dampens gas demand. 

California is likely to see prices drop while the East Coast could see prices rise, Gas Buddy said. 

The US average for a gallon of gas stands at $3.89 at last check Friday, per AAA.

with fuel cost tracking company Gas Buddy expecting gas prices below $3 a gallon to disappear as a result

some relief to rising US gas prices will be felt as refinery issues are resolved,

they will fall in three regions including West Coast, Great Lakes and Plains, Gas Buddy says.

Prices rose as high as $5 a gallon three months ago, mirroring increasing global oil prices